Nokia Suite 3.8.54

Take complete control of your Nokia phone monitoring files on your phone using your PC

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    Windows 7 / Windows 10 / Windows 2003 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 10

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Nokia Suite 3.8.54
Nokia Suite (Nokia Ovi Suite)

When you have a Nokia phone and a computer too, you would almost be losing money if you didn't have the Nokia Suite. What can this product do? First, it hands you access to a collection of tools, and it will also let you sync your phone with the Windows PC. This lets you get more out of your device. Nokia Suite does more than simple file transfer, however, because it adds up to a wide selection of useful functions.

Useful Functions to Improve the Mobile Experience

Through the Nokia Suite, you will improve your mobile experience because you can synchronize the phone and the PC calendars. You can also install apps onto the phone, and you can back up your mail, download maps and look at your contacts and images. Everything takes place through the Bluetooth and the USB cable.

Easy Hookup

When it comes to the setup of Nokia Suite, we have a simple setup, and you will access a step-by-step wizard that sends you from one step over to the next. You will go through this process and hook up your phone as a result. In the main menu, you have bold and bright icons, and they offer some of the best features. For example, you will likely see it used most with the backup and the restore functions, but you will also find a use for the file transfer tools. It operates at fast speeds.

Great Utility Software

If you have a device compatible with this software, the Nikia Suite proves one of the most essential tools for backing up your phone and managing it. This software is great, and at the same time, it's easy to use. You have a user interface that has been presented well, and everything with it has enabled for fast syncing with the data.

Cool New Features for Your Phone

You will see plenty of awesome features if you download Nokia Suite. In fact, it hands you access to even more features, and you can transfer music and photos as the need arises. What a lot of people like about this new software is how it works with you to make your phone even better.

Before you download this app, you should first understand how it won't work with every Nokia. Some people will be frustrated because they downloaded it only to discover it doesn't work, but when it does work, it hands you access to a better interface. We recommend you download this software if you want to improve your phone. For some people it might not work, but for those that it does, it will be worth it.


  • Transfer your music and photos as the need arises.
  • A lot of people like how this software syncs with their data.


  • This software won't work with every Nokia device.

Nokia Ovi Suite is a program for your PC that is an absolute must for anyone who uses a Nokia cell phone. It is designed for older Nokia phones that run on one of the Symbian operating systems; it helps to sync the device with your Windows computer, making your life much easier.

Nokia Ovi Suite allows you to get so much more out of your Nokia cell phone. It works with feature phones such as the Nokia E73 Mode, which includes a built-in app for the Nokia Ovi Store. Without a doubt Nokia Ovi Suite is an excellent program for a better syncing experience, but it is so much more. It also includes regular updates to your phone’s software; this allows optimization of your phone so that it runs smoother, enhancing your overall cell phone experience.

If you own a Nokia feature phone, you can easily install Nokia Ovi Suite on your computer, then update your phone to the latest software and fixes to improve its overall performance. The installation wizard includes steps to assist you in syncing your cell phone. The main menu is bright and colorful, with icons that represent many different features. When using the software, you will most likely rely primarily on the backup, restore, and file transfer features. These all run quickly and effortlessly.

Nokia Ovi Suite can sync your phone with your computer’s calendars. It can also install apps, access your mail, photos, and contacts, and so much more. All of this can be done via USB cable or through Bluetooth.

The only downside to Nokia Ovi Suite is that it does not work with every Nokia phone. But this one drawback must be weighed against all of the upside factors: it is easy to use, has a brilliant user interface, allows you to transfer music and images, lets your phone sync quickly, and includes many great tools for enhancing your Nokia phone. Considering all of the positive factors on the upside, there's no doubt that Nokia Ovi Suite is a good investment.

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